Unlocking the potential through the Opportunity Assessment Review Process

Our client works across the health service, playing a central role in the management and maintenance of key NHS assets. We have supported the client in understanding the current capability through a complete Procurement HealthCheck.

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Cross-organisational stakeholder engagement

The brief

The purpose of the HealthCheck was to review the processes, systems, capability and capacity of the existing procurement team with a view to making recommendations for future improvements. Utilising a wide variety of analysis techniques including procurement processes documentation reviews, key stakeholder interviews, an online survey and an analysis of spend data and purchase orders, Capita were able to identify a number of opportunities for improvements.  


Action taken

The work involved:

  • Planning & engagement – comprehensive data and financial information collection, stakeholder identification, development of an online HealthCheck Survey and key stakeholder interviews 
  • Analysis & insights – extensive analysis undertaken from reviews of procurement processes in operation, spend review of Account Payable (AP) and Purchase Order (PO) data, results of the Procurement HealthCheck survey and feedback from the stakeholder interviews 
  • HealthCheck report – a significant number of recommendations were made that supported the enhancement of procurement activities and outlined a future operating model for the procurement team and the services it provides


Providing a basis for future transformation

The result

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current capabilities and maturity
  • Roadmap to procurement transformation
  • Systems review and recommendations

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