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Our Client Services Director, Kieran Sullivan spoke to Spend Matters UK all about his five years at Capita Procurement Solutions and what's to come.

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If you’ve not spent any time with Kieran Sullivan, then you should. Kieran works for Capita Procurement Solutions (CPS), a procurement business of Capita PLC, and has done for the past 5 years as their Client Services Director. More on his remit to come.

First and foremost Kieran is a thoroughly good chap – in my experience he’s the kind of person who is interested in people, supportive of his team, personally and professionally, and is out to do the right thing by them, CPS’ customers and CPS itself. Having renewed my acquaintance with Kieran whilst at ProcureCon Indirect in Copenhagen in early April, we’d arranged to meet up back in the UK as I was intrigued by CPS’ position in the procurement services market, having known them over many years as a potential customer for P2P technology many moons back, to Capita being a customer of non procurement services in a previous role. Like many people in the UK, I have drawn my own conclusions: Capita + Procurement = Public Sector transactional procurement outsourcing. Capita + Procurement certainly did not equal strategic services for short-term as well as long-term services.

My objective for meeting Kieran was to understand more about CPS services today, to put them into my own filing system of strategic or transactional (and outsourced) services.

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