Procurement transformation

Procurement functions should be at the strategic heart of organisations, adding value and working to deliver corporate objectives.

We understand what good looks like, and can create systems and structures that quickly put procurement at the heart of the organisation.

We have a strong track record in supporting our clients to develop their procurement functions. Our processes take organisations through an internal assessment of current performance and activity, and on to the development of operating models designed specifically to meet individual needs, and supported by tools, processes and category strategies.

Procurement Transformation

Throughout the transformation process, we use robust governance arrangements, supported by comprehensive communications strategies to facilitate the implementation process. We understand the impact of change on organisations, and work during the implementation phase to bring forward the delivery of procurement projects that add value to the organisation to create the momentum for change.

Our governance arrangements, combined with strong project management and benefits tracking processes leave a legacy of delivery. 

Procurement transformation

Procurement transformation

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